Small Business Law

If you own your own business or want to start one, then you should consult an attorney for your small business needs. Our firm handles everything from the incorporation of your business, purchase of an existing business/franchise, contract drafting, contract review, reviewing your property lease/purchase, protecting confidential information and trade secrets, employment issues, to litigation claims.

At our firm, we often speak with someone who owns a small business only after something has gone terribly wrong. Usually, their problems could have been solved by a clause in a contract or in some other simple manner, but has now grown into an expensive legal issue. When a few preventative measures can stave off disaster, it does not make good business sense to be penny wise and pound foolish.

Why should you incorporate (or create a business entity for) your business?

Incorporation makes your business a separate legal entity from you and any partners or business associates. Prior to incorporation, your personal assets are tied up along with your business because there is no legal difference between someone suing you and someone suing your business. After you incorporate your business, you are able to delineate between assets of the business and personal property and, thereby, protect your personal assets. Should something go wrong with your business, you should not lose everything that you have worked hard for all of your life.

Our firm can help you decide the best type of business entity to form for your business. We can then help you form your new business entity, register it with the state, obtain a tax identity for the business, create business agreement, and draw up all of the paperwork necessary to run your business.

Contact us today for a consultation and we will help you along the road towards meeting all of your business goals.