Estate Planning

At Harris Law Firm, PLLC, we believe in the importance of preserving one’s legacy for the next generation. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience in estate planning to draft a will and/or trust that secures your objectives and allows you peace of mind for you and your loved one’s future.

With regard to one’s estate, it is not just your family, but also the government that one must consider. It is our goal to lighten the burden on your heirs and account for tax structuring concerns. Our lawyers can help you minimize the amount of your estate that could potentially go to the IRS, an unintended recipient, or to an attorney for unnecessary legal fees.

We understand that it is your goal to preserve your legacy and ensure that your family is protected. Contact our office for a consultation and we will discuss all your options and our attorneys will sit down with you and create a plan designed to meet your objectives while remaining compliant with Texas law.